Australia Business Migration Webinar by authorities of Queensland & Phoenix Business Advisory

Australia Business Migration Webinar by Government of Queensland & Phoenix Business Advisory

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1st June 2021, India:

Phoenix Business Advisory organized an Australian Migration webinar with the Queensland authorities Representative – Greg McKean today wherein over 300 Indian High Net-worth Individual businessmen got themselves registered for the insights on only business migration visas. The webinar comprised of changes in the guidelines and why should one consider investing in Queensland, Australia.

Being the number 1 millionaire destination in the world, Australia is a second place to 6 lac Indians. Lured by Australia’s beautiful scenery, easy-going lifestyle, stable economic system, and high-quality healthcare & instruction, HNIs choose this country as their new place. Besides being the fastest-growing developed economic system post coronavirus pandemic. Australia also boasts of having the cleanest air, purest water, and pleasant weather throughout the year. However, there is more to Australia than all this. The country offers a huge advantage to migrating millionaires by offering permanent residency to them & their families.

Mr. M.P. Singh – The CEO of Phoenix Business Advisory says, “Australia is the best for Indian businessmen to expand their business and call it their second place. Australia has been a beacon of big fortunes for millionaires around the world because of its robust economic system and business policies. This is why it’s ranked 5th in the world for global entrepreneurship. 4 cities of Australia are ranked in the top 10 cities for quality of living and global index. In fact, more than 600,000 Indians already call Australia their place.” He farther adds, “This makes Australia an ideal place for any Indian to settle downwardly and carry on a safe business enterprise.”

During the webinar, Greg McKean – Business Migration caput, Queensland authorities stated “Queensland authorities is welcoming HNI Indian Business Owners to invest in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is a perfect destination for Indian Entrepreneurs to multiply their businesses because of the state-nominated visa nominations, growing economic system of Queensland, its infrastructure marvels, affordable cost of living, global ties with the world’s strongest growth markets, business-friendly laws, authorities grants, and last but not the least suitable weather conditions for HNI Indian Businessmen”.He farther added “I was happy to hear a lot of questions regarding post-migration. I am glad to inform you that the authorities of Queensland is welcoming Indian Business Owners with open arms and is going to support their ventures. I assure you that Queensland is going to be a land of success for Indian Entrepreneurs”.

Mr. McKean also showered light on the best suitable business to invest in Queensland; nutrient and Agriculture, Mining and Resources, Tourism, International instruction, wellness and Knowledge Industry, Under evolution and Infrastructure.

During the Australian Migration webinar, the Queensland authorities official briefed the businessmen about the opportunities in the profitable trade sectors and strongly stated that Indians should consider migrating to Queensland, Australia on Business and skilled visas.

The webinar was well received by over 300 Indian business owners all across India. The majority of owners joined from the regions like Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Ludhiana, Gujarat, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

About Phoenix Business Advisory

Phoenix Business Advisory is the most trusted name in HNI and UHNI business migration to Australia. Phoenix Business Advisory deals with only “One visa, One country – AUSTRALIA”. With Phoenix Business Advisory, migrate to Australia with your menage unit on Business PR to secure your menage unit’s futurity. Think Australia, Think Phoenix Business Advisory.

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